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MATH-O-MIR mathematical notepad application that helps to do mathematical calculations in personal computer.

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MATH-O-MIR software helps in evaluating all mathematical expressions with a single mouse click. This software provides easy to use graphical user interface for accessing multiple options and features. It looks like a notepad with toolbox on the left side and complete document area on right. The toolbox has all mathematical functions and operations. The multiple keyboard shortcuts helps in solving expressions. The different mouse pointers helps in handling equations. With mouse pointer the equations or expressions can be carried and placed to other location. Can move the objects in the document area with moving dot. With the mouse selection of multiple objects the equations can be solved. MATH-O-MIR comes with multiple options like selections, moving dot, keyboard shortcuts, output image, font size selection, parenthese height, grid, symbolic computation, and save settings. It is the best software application for performing mathematical calculations.

MATH-O-MIR In addition, there are news not related to hand-drawing.

  • For compatibility reasons, matrix column is now added with Shift+TAB keystroke (the TAB key alone, without Shift, is used to enter spacing)
  • Negative exponents can now be entered by typing minus sign and then using ALT+number keystroke (the old way, ALT+shift+number is still valid). This is because ALT+shift combination changes keyboard layout.
  • There are new commands that can be entered in keyboard entry mode. Commands \alpha… \omega and \Alpha…  \Omega will insert greek symbols. Several other LaTeX commands are implemented: \approx, \aleph, \emptyset, \infty, \ast, \prod, \neq, \nabla, \times, \cdot, \bullet, \div, \opuls, \otimes, \cup, \sim, \cong, \equiv, \doteq, \parallel, \perp, \proto, \subset, \subseteq, \supset, \supseteq.
  • Even more command are added and can be used for text formatting: \big, \bbig, \small, \black\ gray, \red, \green, \blue, \vert, \text. Command \sp, doesn’t exist any more – use \space or TAB key.
  • Main menu can now be accessed using CTRL+V, CTRL+E, CTRL+F, CTRL+O and F10 keys. You can disable this by un-checking Options->Keyboard->ALT for menu shortcuts. The main menu is now active even in keyboard entry mode.
  • Zoom In and Zoom Out are now possible by F2 and F3 keys.
  • Fonts can now be changed. Math-o-mir can work with 4 fonts simultaneously and you can re-define any of them. however, font number 4 is used for math symbols and it is not recommended to change it.
  • Toolbox options are now shaded when mouse pointer is over them – for better visibility.
  • Now it is possible to enter variables that end with the single quotation mark sign (like y’ or y”). Type variable, then type ‘ mark and then press the space bar key (or any operator).
  • You can now enter complex indexes even when you use ‘Very Simple Variable Mode’. When you need to type for example Ma,b you following sequence: M underline a comma underline b… Yes it is complicated, I know.
  • You can now decorate you variables by painting dots above them.
  • There is new image format (1-bit .PNG) to export equation images.

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