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Sony’s MEDIA GO is the best entertainment place where the music fans can enjoy the best music. It maintains all multimedia entertainment like photos, videos, and music.

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Can transfer these multimedia files to Sony compatible devices like Sony portable devices, handsets and mobile phones. Just download the files to Personal computer and can transfer them to Sony devices. It is simple to enjoy lots of media. It is available as software that can convert the best quality media to compatible Sony devices. MEDIA GO software can help to purchase media from different stores like PlayStation, Sony Ericsson, and other partner stores. Can backup and restore the required media files. Watch movies directly from online store to PC. Easily transfer all photos, games, music files, video clips to portable devices. Automatically subscribe, download and synchronize media files, playlists, and podcasts. Rip songs from Audio CDS and transfer to mobile devices. Organize all the media files into categories.

MEDIA GO Supported File Formats:

Format Name: Extension:
AAC .3gp, .m4a, .m4b, .mp4
ATRAC/ATRAC Advanced Lossless .aa3, unprotected .oma
FLAC .flac
MP3 .mp3
Wave .wav
Windows Media Audio .wma
Games and Saved Data
Format Name: Extension:
PSP™ system games .pbp
Saved data rom PSP™ system games .sfo
Format Name: Extension:
Multimedia playlist .m3u
Multimedia playlist with Unicode support .m3u8
Windows Media Player .wpl
Format Name: Extension:
AVI .avi*
Marlin .mnv, .mnb
MPEG-4 .3gp, .mp4, .m4v
OMA .odf, .o4v
QuickTime .mov, .qt
Windows Media Video .wmv
Format Name: Extension:
GIF .gif
JPEG .jpe, .jpg, .jpeg
PNG .png
TIFF .tif, .tiff
Windows Bitmap .bmp

MEDIA GO Features:

What can you do with Media Go?

  • NEW! Create customized searches of your media and save them as views in your library. Use these views for enhanced organization, playback, or for transferring to a portable device.
  • NEW! Crop, adjust colors, and fix red eyes in your photos and export them for easy sharing via e-mail or the Web.
  • NEW! Transfer media to the library or your favorite device by dragging media from the Windows desktop, Windows Explorer, or various media management applications such as iTunes.
  • NEW! Automatically retrieve album and artist information and artwork from Gracenote® MusicID®.
  • View, play, organize, and search your entire media collection with ease.
  • Find exciting new content from online stores, including Store and Sony Ericsson PlayNow™. Please note: Store and PlayNow™ are not available in all regions.
  • Purchase and download movies and TV shows that you can watch on a growing list of supported devices, including the PC and the PSP™ (PlayStation®Portable) system.
  • Purchase, backup, and restore games and comics for your PSP™ system.
  • Easily transfer music, photos, audiobooks, audio clips, videos, and more to and from your PSP™ system and Sony Ericsson portable devices—just drag and drop!
  • Discover new video and audio podcasts from around the world in the Media Go podcast directory. Once you’re subscribed to a podcast, Media Go can automatically download new episodes.
  • Automatically synchronize content like recently added media, playlists, and podcasts to your PSP™ system and Sony Ericsson portable devices.
  • Rip songs from your CDs and transfer them to your PSP™ system and Sony Ericsson portable devices.
  • Add SensMe™ data to your music files and create playlists based on the music’s mood and beats per minute.
  • See overviews of your devices so you can monitor space usage.

Frist Look At Sony’s Media Go

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