Mobile Terminal – Managing your web server from your iPhone

Mobile Terminal is a computerized device and you can use it any where you want. If you want to use in your car, taxicabs, in bar, even you can use it under water also but don’t try with electricity because it will work or not don’t know but you will work fully.

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You can use Mobile Terminal for map searching and for many purposes like safety information, diagrams and for many others. This terminal you can call as pocket computer also. You can install this terminal very easy method with auto-install. First you have downloaded this file *.deb file and then you have to download ifunbox. After downloading this, you will find one logo. Right Click on “logo” you will find one extract option, select the extract option and install. At the time of installation you will find symbol of downloading. After complete installation it shows you message i.e. installation is over.

install Mobile Terminal 4.26 that works fine on iOS 4 / iOS 4.0.1. I tried this on iPhone 3GS and it works like charm.

Here are step by step instructions:

Step 1: Jailbreak iPhone / iPad with JailbreakMe

Step 2: Download Mobile Terminal 4.26 (MobileTerminal-426.deb) to your desktop

Step 3: SSH into iPhone. Windows Users: Use i-FunBox or WinCSP. Mac Users: Use Cyber Duck

Step 4: Copy the MobileTerminal-426.deb to /var/root/Media/Cydia/Auto-install

If you can’t locate the “Cydia” folder in “Media”, create it. Then create another folder named “Auto Install” in “Cydia” folder and copy the .deb file there.

Step 5: Reboot iPhone / iPad.

Once device reboot is complete, you should find Mobile Terminal on your SpringBoard. Run it and this time Mobile Terminal will not crash.

Note: After the reboot, if you can’t find Terminal app on your SpringBoard, reboot your device again, this should work now.

How to install a Deb File on the iPhone

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