Nikon Transfer – Easy file transfer from your Nikon camera

Nikon Transfer is the product of Nikon. This software application has more advantages in transferring images that are captured in digital camera. This software is available in multiple versions and its new version is developed with advanced features and runs on multiple platforms. Supports Macintosh and Windows® operating system.

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Nikon Transfer features are automatic recognition, transfer images from different storage media, transfer images to personal computer, auto start, easy selection, transfer image data, viewing images, backup’s data, adds Meta while transferring images, supports different standards. This is best utility software for transferring images and saves to hard disk drive. Nikon Transfer utility software is useful for professionals and also for beginners. It captures all the images with Nikon cameras and stores to a particular location. This software suite has graphical user interface with multiple and customizable options. Its different options are source, embedded info, primary destination, backup destination, preferences, and group. Can view the transferring images.

Modifications enabled with this version:

* Support for the D90 has been added

* Support for the P6000 has been added

* Support for the S710 has been added

* Support for the S610c has been added

* Support for the S610 has been added

* Support for the S560 has been added

* Support for the S60 has been added

* When Nikon Transfer was installed an MPEG movies were played back, the sound did not play. This issue has been resolved.

* An issue that prevented proper transfer of large movies has been resolved.

* Operation has been improved so that when “Shooting Data” is selected from the “Group” pull down menu in the thumbanail list area, images can now be sorted in ascending order of shooting date/time with transfer.

* An issue that caused files to be ordered in descending order in the transfer queue, when “Rename photos during transfer” in the “Primary Destination” panel was enabled, has been resolved.

* A new function has been added so that a confirmation dialog is displayed when photos are transferred with “Transfer new photos only” in the “Preferences” panel enabled and files, including newly added photos, which have not yet been transferred, are found.

Supported System Requirements Windows:

*     Microsoft Windows Vista Home Basic Service Pack 1

Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium Service Pack 1

Microsoft Windows Vista Business Service Pack 1

Microsoft Windows Vista Enterprise Service Pack 1

Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate Service Pack 1

Microsoft Windows XP Professional Service Pack 3

Microsoft Windows XP Home Service Pack 3

Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional Service Pack 4

*Only 32-bit Pre-installed versions supported

*      256MB RAM or more ( additional 128MB free disk space required)

512MB RAM or more (128MB or more free disk space requires) under Windows Vista.

Transfer – Nikon 3DS

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