NTI Shadow – easy-to-use Backup Application

NTI Shadow is the software application developed to backup the data in personal computer. It automatically protects the system data of different formats. The data can be videos, music files, photos, and other documents.

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NTI Shadow software is available in different versions and its latest version is available with improved features. Copies data from multiple computers and backups the necessary files and can also restore the important files and protects them. Supports one-way backup synchronization from different devices or computers, also supports two-way backup synchronization. This software is compatible with Windows® operating system. Provides continuous data protection, alerts when drive is full, improved user interface, simple and easy to use, scheduled backups, and quick restore feature. NTI Shadow software monitors the system with file sharing facility, drag and drop files in different locations, best performance, provides graph layout of capacity. The different features are Ninja protection, USB detection, filtering, convenient options, protects data with encryption and easy selection of files and folders.

NTI Shadow Features:

  • Real-time, Native Format Backup with Bi-Directional Sync
    • Every time a change occurs, your backup file will always be in sync
  • NTI Ninja Protection(Windows Only)
    • Ability to create a Public and an encrypted Private on USB hard drives and flash drives for additional security. Uses secure 256 bit AES encryption.
  • Intelligent USB Device Detection™
    • Automatically detects the correct USB drive associated to the backup job.
  • Advanced File Type and Custom File Type Filtering
    • Include or exclude specific file types from predefined groups or create a custom group.
  • Quick Restore Feature
    • Pressing restore NTI Shadow will allow you to select the data you want to restore from the backup destination and restore the data to the original location or an alternate location.
  • Convenient Options Offer Additional Controls
    • Auto Deletion On/Off – automatically deletes files on your backup destination when the source files are deleted on your PC
    • Retain Full Path – will back up the full path of your data not just the file or folder.
    • Suppress Error Log Window – hides the error log window
  • Easily Select Files/Folders for Backup
    • Just check the box next to the folder or file you want to be backed up and Shadow will take care of it automatically.

What’s new & unique:

  1. Supports both one-way backup and two-way synchronization.
  2. Ninja public and encrypted private partition on the same USB drive. (Windows only)
  3. Continuous data protection and schedule backups
  4. Destination Capacity Alert to warn you when your destination is becoming full.
  5. Versioning to allow multiple backup versions of your files.
  6. Drag and Drop plus 1-Click “Quick Restore”
  7. Improved user interface for even easier backup and file sharing
  8. Graph layout of Source and Destination devices toquickly understand capacity.

Hardware Requirements
* IBM PC or Compatibles, Pentium III 900MHz or higher and 256MB RAM.

Software Requirements
* Microsoft Windows 7 / Vista / XP

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