O2Micro Flash Memory Card Reader Driver

O2Micro Flash Memory Card Reader Driver is software designed and developed by the reputed O2Micro Company and is precisely used by almost all the people of the software informers.

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There are many versions available in the websites but the most popular and most used versions of the software are 3.0, 3.2, 3.1, 3.3 and 3.9. The product would be informed soon by their informers. Here is a step by step process for the user to visualize how to obtain and install the O2Micro Flash Memory Card Reader Driver in the 32 bit windows Vista.

1)      The user has to define the O2Micro Flash Memory Card Reader Driver model.

2)      The user also has to define the operating system to install. He needs to update the already existing Vista.

3)      Browse the drivers for networks.

4)      Find the particular model name and select the same.

5)      Download the same and install it in the existing operating system.

6)      Reboot the system for more efficient working.

This package supports the following driver models:

* O2Micro Integrated MS/MSPRO Controller

* O2Micro Integrated MMC/SD controller

* O2Micro OZ6832/6833 CardBus Controller

* O2Micro OZ6836/6860 CardBus Controller

* O2Micro OZ6812 CardBus Controller

* O2Micro OZ6922 CardBus Controller

* O2Micro OZ6933/711E1 CardBus/SmartCardBus Controller

* O2Micro OZ6912/601/711E0 CardBus/SmartCardBus Controller

* O2Micro OZ711EC1/M1 SmartCardBus/MemoryCardBus Controller

* O2Micro OZ711EC1 SmartCardBus Controller

* O2Micro OZ711M1/MC1 MemoryCardBus Controller

* O2Micro OZ711MP1/MS1 MemoryCardBus Controller

* O2Micro OZ711EZ1 MemoryCardBus Controller

* O2Micro OZ711E2 SmartCardBus Controller

* O2Micro OZ711M2 MemoryCardBus Controller

* O2Micro OZ6933E CardBus Controller

* O2Micro OZ711M3/MC3 MemoryCardBus Controller

* O2Micro OZ711MP3/MS3 MemoryCardBus Controller

* O2Micro FlashMedia Disk Device

* O2Micro SD Disk Device

Operating systems : Windows 2000|Windows XP|Windows 2003|Windows NT|Windows

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