PC Tools Firewall Plus – Powerful Firewall for Windows

PC Tools Firewall Plus Windows Scripting is very easy. It may look like a bold expression to the coders like who does not know coding known as non-code users among you, but took some hours playing with this; PC Tools Firewall Plus  is available   freely personal firewall for the Windows operating system.

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PC Tools Firewall Plus helps you safe unauthorized users from getting access to your system via the Internet or via a network. installation process of  PC Tools Firewall Plus You are informed that the installation would  senses other firewalls on computer, and you are enquired to choose if you need to have installed computer Tools Spy ware software along with its Firewall Plus. you have to select the obligation firewall behavior. After completing the installation process and the restarting of the system, you are preparing to watch what the software requires. Firewall Plus immediately points any network your system.

PC Tools Firewall Plus 7 Features:

* Extensive Security Permission (ESP). PC Tools Firewall Plus has extended its Self Protection to block malicious programs bypassing the firewall. Some malicious programs access the internet by disabling the firewall allowing your personal information to be sent to the internet undetected. PC Tools Firewall Plus intercepts termination requests restricting who can terminate the firewall and modify protected objects.

* Improved Application rules interface displays an application’s details as well as extended/improved user control over input and output rule creation and modification. The new rules interface also allows creation and modification of new ESP rules. This allows the expert user complete control of the network access.

* More informative pop ups PC Tools Firewall Plus is built using the new Windows Filtering Platform (WFP) architecture in Windows 7, Vista™ and Server 2008 to provide you with precise control over all network traffic, including IPv6, on both 32bit and 64bit systems.

* Updated Profiles Interface for greater control over network access profiles. Configure trusted and untrusted network profiles to help ensure your network access to tailored to the security level of the network you’re connected to.

* Network Display has been extended to include detailed available adaptor information including assigned profile, MAC Address and traffic statistics as well as detailed network information including the IP, Gateway IP and subnet mask.

* Normal and Expert modes have been combined into one simple to use interface. The new interface has automatic rule and profile creation for the normal user as well as an interface allowing highly customisable configurations for expert users.

  • Current Version:
  • File Size: 9,994 KB
  • Operating System: Designed for Windows 7 (32/64bit), Vista (32/64bit) and XP (32bit)
  • Release Date: 30 November 2010

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