PDF Download for Internet Explorer

Pdf downloadTM launches new add-ons for popular internet browsers. PDF Download for Internet Explorer is available with different key features like converting online pages to PDF files, can view PDF files online, view files PDF and HTML, converting PDF to HTML pages. Automatically controls the PDF files in the web browser.

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This PDF download is available in latest version with updated features. This application adds as add-on files to web browsers and provides great benefits in editing and saving web pages. With one click the web pages can be saved to compatible PDF format files, Email web pages as PDF files, helps in downloading PDF documents. The selected web sites can be added to exclusion list. PDF Download for Internet Explorer is the best add-on for internet explorer web browser, handles and manages multiple web pages. Its settings helps in selecting different options like view pdf in same page or in a new tab.

How to use Internet Explorer PDF Download:

  1. Make sure your Links Toolbar is visible. If it’s not, right click on any part of the menu bar and make sure Links is checked.
  2. Right click on Save Page as PDF and click Add to Favorites.
  3. In the Create in drop down, click the Links folder so that it appears in your Links Toolbar.

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