Factory Unlock Your iPhone 5 For Free Any Sim

AnySIM is the familiar software application which works on any type of Iphone and iPods. AnySIM is the simplest solution for unlocking your iphone. No need to open up your iphone or solder anything in it.

iPhone for Any SIM, anySIM GUI iPhone, Unlock iphone, free iPhone software, iPhone v1.1.3, iPhone 3G unlocking, AnySIM Review, anySIM 1.1AnySIM is completely automated program, so you just upload it to your jailbreak iphone and install it. AnySIM is so simple that anyone can use it. After installing AnySIM in your iPhone, you can use it without unlock also. For Mac OS X you have to install this application via installer.app and for windows operating system you have to install this application via ibrickr. AnySIM is completely free for everyone to download and to use. AnySIM application is only for new 1.1.1 iphone or iphone which is upgraded from 1.0.2 to 1.1.1 but it should be never unlocked. You have to follow some instructions before using this application such as: you have to jailbreak your 1.1.1 iphone and Install AnySIM on your iphone by launching installer.app.

AnySIM Pre-Requisites:

* Windows PC (I don’t own a MAC and am running Windows Vista so that is what I will base the guide on).

* Install iTunes 7.3.x (Any 7.3 version of iTunes, I hear 7.4 versions have added complexities)

* Download & extract iBrickr v0.8 to C:\ibrickr

* Download anySIM v1.1 (NOT v1.0 as that had a few issues)

AnySIM iPhone Unlock Process:

1. Rip open iPhone box excitedly

2. Pop-out that AT&T SIM card and put it your GSM SIM card

3. Hook the cradle cable up to your PC and set the iphone charging for at least 10-20 minutes so there is some juice (or at least as long as your patience lasts…. I have had bad experience with flashing hardware with low battery )

4. iTunes will probably launch and start the AT&T activation process (depending on your iTunes settings) or if you get an ‘Invalid SIM’ message Cancel it and close iTunes again

5. Run iBrickr and follow the onscreen instructions to ‘Free Your Phone’ Once all complete close iBrickr. One very important step of this should be that it ensures you are running the 1.02 version of the iPhone firmware which is required for a successful unlock.

6. Download and extract PACAY.rar Then run the activate.bat Follow the instructions including the restart

7. Open iTunes and close it again

8. Run iBrickr again and install the PXL service… more phone reboots

9. Download the PXL v1.1 version of the AnySim utility

10. Click Applications in iBrickr and install the anysim.pxl file you downloaded earlier

11. Go to Settings > General > AutoLock on the iPhone and choose ‘never’ (you can always change it back later)

12. Tap the Home button on the iPhone and then run the AnySim application you just installed

13. Wait 10 minutes and then laugh or cry depending on the results. If the unlock is successful then you may be on the network of choice almost immediately, or in some cases I have read you may need to restart the iPhone before it will work.


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  1. Dong Steinfeldt says:

    The iPhone 4S is a World? Phone which means it can run CDMA and GSM (it has two antennas)