AverMedia AverTV HD DVR Capture CarD

AVerTV is an USB TV tuner card which is certified from Windows 7 Media Centre Additional Qualification. With the help of this you can directly enjoy TV and multimedia functions on your PC by clicking MY TV options in your computer if it runs with Windows 7 operating system.

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AVerTV is one of the best selling USB TV tuner card in the world. AVerTV helps in accessing worldwide Analog TV and Radio Stations. AVerTV contains high gain antenna shipping which facilitates to get a good signal and helps you in watching TV with a good clarity without any deflections. You can experience HDTV programs with a sharp and smooth video quality. AVerTV Media is facilitated with an inbox driver which makes the Windows 7 users to prefer it. AVerTV Drivers also supports Linux operating System also. Some of its best features are direct iPod or PSP recording m, Vista video gaming plug-in, Quality enhancement plug in etc… . AVerTV DVB consumes very less power and a remote control facility is available for it.

AverMedia AverTv HD DvR – PC HDMI Video Capture Card


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