Free Registry Cleaner – Safely scan and repair registry

AML Free Registry Cleaner is software used to remove the problems pertaining to the registry of windows.  AML Free Registry cleaner is considered as the window registry- cleaning software as AML Free Registry cleaner the registry problems very effectively. AML Free Registry cleaner is used to maintain the software installed in your pc in a healthy manner.

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AML Free Registry cleaner is available with 22types of file extension pre-configuration and these are disposable. One can increase the file extension by adding own files to it. As we know that the registries are considered as the nerves center of our pc and plays a prominent role, it should be maintained properly to ensure uniform functioning of the pc. The malfunction of this registry results in windows crashes and error messages. AML Free Registry cleaner removes all the junk and un desirable mails that accumulates over a period of time. AML Free Registry cleaner software also enables the user to find the desired word in the entire registry.  The process of cleaning can be done within few clicks and ensures the uniform functioning of the pc.

The installation if this software is very simple and available abundantly in the market without money.  AML Free Registry cleaner software is highly recommendable for the users to maintain their pc in a good condition.

AML Registry Cleaner is made for Windows 7, it will just say that the supported operating systems are Windows XP/2003/Vista/Windows7 (32 and 64 bit).

AML Free Registry Cleaner

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