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Installer.App is the great software to install wireless networking and you can install it on “I phone”. You can install this Installer.App in two version one is Mac with OSX and other is for windows. This helps to download the packages over Wi-Fi or EDGE for installing.

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Installer.App latest version of this application is released by the name installer 4.0 and this supports for new iPhone models with software 2.0 and for I phones with 3g technology. When you download this application into your iPhone you need to unzip it as it is in zipped format. For activating this application you need to restart your mobile, without restarting your mobile you can’t access this application. Installer.App application is very helpful for all the iPhone users. Quick helps you to download Installer.App application very fast and helps you in installing this application very efficiently. Installer.App application is highly recommendable for the users as it is satisfying all its existing users.

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Installer.App Update: A brand new version of Installer has been released under the name Installer 4.0 which now supports the new 2.0 iPhone software and 3G iPhone’s. The 4.0 version delivers a brand new user interface and added functionality similar to that of Cydia. This version of installer is in beta mode but you can install it manually at this time using these steps. 4.0

1. Jailbreak your iPhone 2.0 software if you have not already using either QuickPwn for Windows or PwnageTool for Mac.

2. Download Installer 4.0 here and unzip it

3. SCP the folder into your /Applications folder.

4. Change Permissions by running these 2 commands:

chmod -R 777 /Applications/

chmod a+srx /Applications/

5. Turn off your iPhone or iPod Touch and turn it back on and should now see the new Installer 4.0 app on your home screen. There is a video demo of this process here.

How To Get Installer 4 On iPhone OS 2.0


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