iPhone Pepper – SmartGuard Pepper Spray

iPhone Pepper is great application for iPhone or for iPod touch screen. The iPhone pepper enables you a single column mode in mint when you are browsing from an iPhone. iPhone Pepper exits the default multi column mode experience for the desktop. You will find everything in one screen only.

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iPhone Pepper other words iPhone Pepper can call as single column mode where you can browse from iPhone or iPod touch. iPhone Pepper is developed by Shaun In man. The latest version of this application is 0.03. You will find normalized space between header and footer. You can install this application on your iPhone for free. Once you install, then you may know how far iPhone Pepper is useful for you in your iPhone or iPod. iPhone Pepper features involved in latest versions are expanded devices to include web-kit based android browsers, CSS fixes for panels menu and preference view and iPhone Pepper adds preference to open links in a new tab.

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