Easy WiFi Radar for Windows 8

Easy WiFi Radar Free Download Latest version Review:

Easy Wi-Fi Radar helps the user to connect with the Wi-Fi network connection instantly. Easy Wi-Fi Radar prevents the user to go through all the connection troubles. Easy Wi-Fi Radar enhances the user with an easy accessing to surf or browse. This is an ideal tool for the mobile professionals and the one who travels a lot.

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They can access the Wi-Fi connection where they need. This radar will connect to the open Hot spots automatically. This application is facilitated with a cool radar screen in which the process of connecting for a Wi-Fi connection is displayed. The access points are represented in either yellow or green or red dots. It facilitates the user with a free connection and opens the web browser after connecting to the network. It plays a sound when the free wireless connection is established.

Easy Wi-Fi Radar is highly recommendable for the users as it enhances a free network connection instantly.

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Pocket WiFi Radar Download Mobile Version

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