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stardock fences windows 10 Review:

Fences is beneficial software especially for the windows application that will give a help for it to set up on the desktop and it is first developed by Stardock and distributed for the users as part of their object desktops.

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Fences opens a semitransparent areas on the desktops for the creation of the icons and this can be uniquely created, named moved and re sized which we can able to see on the scroll bar. The main use of the Fences are it will help you to create unlimited Fences on desktops, with in a minute it will hide and show the icons by double clicking on it, customizes the color of your icon and keeps them neatly ,cleanly with OS .

The main advantage of it is creates a default fence on desktop, automatically organizes the file names and it names and sorts icons. So there a lots of uses by using and downloading Stardock Fences Software.

Stardock Fences Features:
Create an unlimited number of Fence areas on desktop
Quickly hide/show desktop icons with double-click
Customize opacity and color tinting of Fences
Auto-scaling for screen size changes
Store unique Fence locations for different monitor configurations
Low profile, low system impact: integrates tightly and cleanly with OS
Ability to configure a default Fence for new icons
Automatically organize icons into Fences by file type, name, etc       Sort icons in a Fence by date, type, size, name, times used, etc       Have your fences appear faded until mouse-overed
Takes automatic Recovery-snapshots of your desktop’s layout
* Customize Fences with custom images, logo, textures, etc
* Customize the look and feel of each Fence individually.

How to Organize Your Desktop Using Stardock Fences


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