Netcut – Manage your network using ARP protocol

Netcut is software for network tool. Netcut network helps you to admin your network which is fully based on ARP protocol. Netcut is very easy to use because it can execute several tasks in seconds like IP-Mac table.

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Once you use Netcut software in your system then you can turn on or turn off any network with the help of this software. If you want to cut down any computers network connection to the gate way, you can do this in just seconds. If you want any computer IP address you can easily get with the help of this software. You can install this software in your system very easily without any problems.

Netcut size is also very less because you will find many software’s which takes more size but not proper work, this software take less size but good work. After installation you can use this software very easily.

Netcut Features:
1. No internet disconnection any more
2. Starts with operating system , you don’t have to run every time turning on your PC
3. Lists all open ports in your connection (Security wise)
4. Get your public IP address
5. Know who is cutting your connection
6.  Direct  link to internet connection speed meter
7. Direct link to spyware scanner
8. Direct link to free virus  scanner
9. No Spyware

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