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Peer Block is system utilities software.  peer block download is an alternative of Peer guardian; in fact it’s a branch of PG2.This is due to Peer Block development being much more active than PG2.

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Where Peer Block software programmer supports Windows XP, Vista and windows 7.  By using peer block software programmer the user can download block lists or we can use an external block list downloader that is blue tack block list manager. Peer Block is a security tool that blocks certain IP ranges that has been added to its block lists.  It is a fork of Peer Guardian that tries to address these issues.  It is actively developed and provides the same functionality than Peer Guardian.  Peer Block 1.1 is a perfect alternative for users who are experiencing problem with Peer Guardian or prefer software that gets updated regularly.

Peerblock with its latest advanced and currently dynamic features gained a huge response with in a less span of time.

PeerBlock Features:
* Display Yellow Icon if HTTP is Allowed
* Fixed “PeerBlock doesn’t block unless update at startup”
* Limit Max Size of History.db
* Systray “Allow HTTP” instead of “Block HTTP”
* Warn if Exit While Blocking Recently
* Force PeerBlock to Start Enabled
* Allow HTTP for X minutes
* Click on tray icon to minimize window
* “Friendly” URLs
* List-Add Sanity-Checking
* List “Optimization”
* Saves “Last Known Good” Config
* Multiple-select of Rows.

PeerBlock Tutorial

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