Windows Phone 7 in India

WINDOWS PHONE is a latest mobile operating system. Where it has various versions in it. Windows phone has much greater alignment with Nokia intellectual property DNA than Android. Windows phone are designed for life in motion. Aping for windows phone makes accessible our work, and ease of use.

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Windows Phone 7 has been developed with latest technical, advanced and exciting features. It has wide range of sizzling characters.  Poynt is a free app that utilizes each device platform to its full advantage.  Poynt for windows phone devices includes specific features such as the pivot function to facilitate toggling between different features and screens. Some software enhancements have been made for the better use of windows phone.

Where windows phone 7 is a remarkably solid first release of a modern smart phone operating system. It makes the most of powerful 64-bit pc, the new desktop standard.  It is one of the latest versions with different features.

Windows Phone 7 Technical Preview


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