Avidemux – Graphical Tool to Edit Videos

Avidemux is multi purpose video editing software which has written a program in C++ by using the Qt toolkits or command line interface and some of the versions of this software are 2.5.3, 2.3, 2.4 but 2.5.3 is more stable than others.

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Avidemux is mainly designed for encoding, editing and filtering purpose and supports many files such as AVI, MPEGs, DVDs and MP4 by using variety of codes. Avidemux is free download software which will provide you with a 30 days trail version on every product of it and it is accessible for Linux, BSD, Mac OS and windows with license with it and it is virus free software. Some of the open sources for Adidemux software are MS movie maker, Apple imovie and many more.

Therefore being Avidemux software is freeware along with license and with powerful video editor we have to download it and use this software because Avidemux worth it.

Avidemux Review

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