Mozilla Launches Firefox for Android

Mozilla Firefox the one which makes us plunge into the virtual world- the world of internet with just one click.

Android -the brain of the intelligent mobile phones.

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Now the brain gets more intelligent by addition of the world’s most used browser. Mozilla launched Firefox4 for Android users. Mozilla Corporation, an organization which has been always few steps forward in serving millions of internet users with its Firefox is now available in the pockets of Android users.

The world has witnessed many revolutions but from the past decade it is concentrating on the day to day changes and new arrivals of the mobile phones and their apps. The apps are changing the world by offering wide and complex range of applications which can be used from anywhere and anytime from your mobiles and they will perform and serve better if they take the form of their desktop versions. Firefox on Android phones is designed and given a shape of the one which is available on desktop. The Firefox browser will provide the same feel and experience of browsing on PC and is making mobile browsing easy and effortless.

Firefox Android through its relentless efforts offered its services for users who are from different parts of the world and different from each other by various other factors. firefox on android continued its same type of service on the mobiles by offering the browser in more than 10 languages, thus breaking the language barriers.

Firefox For Android is reducing the painful efforts of browsing by minimizing the typing with different features. It hides the browser controls not in use and allows users to have more visibility of the website on small screen. Firefox sync offers great access to the browsing history. Firefox 4 For Android JavaScript makes the browser faster and everything loads in a jiffy and makes small screen browsing a pleasure.

Firefox is now ready on Android with its same desktop avatar.

Firefox 4 For Android favorite features:

  • Managing tabs is easy. Swipe the window to the right to view them or add a new one. Swipe to the left in for forward, back, and one-click bookmark buttons.
  • You can sync all your bookmarks, settings, passwords, and open tabs with the desktop version of Firefox 4.
  • There are some great mobile add-ons such as an Instapaper-like “read later” and a Twitter bar.
  • HTML 4 for video.
  • Save web pages to PDFs.

You can download Firefox for Android free in the Android Market.


Firefox for Androidis Full Featured


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