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TMPG ENC 4.0 XPress is video editor software. It is an excellent and productive motion picture experts groups -1/ motion picture experts groups 2 encoder by Hiroyuki Hori.

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TMPG ENC 4.0 XPress encoder is extremely versatile and is capable of producing motion picture experts groups for just about any need imaginable.  Where this software programmer is further divided into various versions.  These versions get executed based on their configurations systems.  TMPG ENC 4.0 XPress software is mainly designed as MPEG video encoder with several settings and filters. Also basic MPEG1/MPEG2 joining, splitting, demultiplexing and multiplexing. Over all it has been said to be a very good, admirable Video Editor Software Tool. The ratings of TMPG ENC are gradually increased because of its efficient working. Many entrepreneur organizations are now in need of this software, due to its peculiar characters. TMPG ENC 4.0 XPress is high performance video conversion software.  TMPG ENC 4.0 XPress software provides the user with functions and features ranging from a simple cut editor tool to multiple powerful video filtering and effects.

Please note the following:
* VFAPI plug-in for TMPGEnc project files is included.
* Languages: Japanese, German, French, Chinese.
* Due to licensing limitations, MPEG-2 encoding is limited to 30 days.
* No MPEG-2 decoder.
* The commercial version of TMPGEnc has unlimited MPEG-2 encoding and other added features:
Try TMPGEnc Plus 2.5 FREE for 14 days.
Purchase TMPGEnc Plus 2.5.

System Requirements:
Minimum Requirements
OS     Windows 98/Me/NT4.0/2000/XP
CPU     Pentium III 500MHz or higher (Slower than 500MHz may work, but we cannot guarantee good performance.)
RAM     64MB or higher
Hard Disk     At least 100MB (Dependant upon the size of your project/temporary file).
Recommended Requirements
CPU     Pentium III (supports streaming SIMD Extensions), Pentium 4 (supports streaming SIMD Extensions 2), Athlon (supports Enhanced 3D Now!), Multi-CPU (under Windows NT/2000).
Display     Screen resolution of 1152 x 864 or higher.
24bit Color or higher.
Other     DirectX 6 or higher.

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