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Turbo Lister Free Version Download Review:

Turbo Lister is software which helps the user to create multiple item lists at a single strike on his computer and upload them to eBay. Turbo Lister technology is designed for both medium level sellers and high volume sellers.

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The system requirements to operate Turbo Lister software are the system should have an advanced generation of processor after Pentium2, minimum capability of RAM should be 128 MB and minimum requirement of free space in hard disk should be 250 MB and preferably 500MB. Turbo Lister main capabilities of this software is it creates professional look listings in a short span , list up multiple items at once , duplicates the original list which enables the user to reuse it without creating again, it can access Html templates, can add photos for the item names in your list, can edit or revise the existing lists  and can relist and sell similar items on e bay.

Turbo Lister System Requirements:

• Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, Vista

• Pentium II and above

• At least 250 MB free disk space, more than 500 MB recommended.

• RAM: 128 MB, more than 256 MB recommended

• Internet Explorer v5.5 or later installed.

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