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PhotoJoy helps in displaying the photos on your desktop with many variations. PhotoJoy Tool is published by IncrediMail and released on April 27, 2009.

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PhotoJoy is free top download with a file size of 621.7KB and the file name is Photojoy_install.exe.This can be installed if your system is installed with Windows operating system. This application displays your photos within Photo Toy widgets, animated 3D Photo Screensavers and in many different types of wallpaper. The best feature of this is it brings back all your sweet memories by displaying all your stores photos in many different modulations which brings you the real pleasure in enjoying them. PhotoJoy displays your photos within the 3D graphics, as beautiful modem images and designs. This tool is ranked as number 11 in wall paper software category.

There are no Trojans and malware included in this. This is recommendable for the users to bring back there sweet memories in there day to day busy life.

PhotoJoy Features:

PhotoToy Widgets These cool Widgets
3D Photo Screensavers
Photo Streaming
Photo & Feature Shuffle
Photo Library The Photo Library
Add & Manage Photos
Quicker Content Download Get PhotoJoys fantastic new content faster!

IncrediMail – PhotoJoy

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