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SpywareBlaster is a malware remover which mainly concentrates on ActiveX based attacks. SpywareBlaster is enabled with all the advanced features and secures the users system by blocking all kinds of malware delivered through the web browser.

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The users are facilitated to block the Flash contents, provides a facility to create encrypted backups for the host file, helps in managing the browser page settings, protects the PC by blocking the cookies and it also creates customized ActiveX blocks. The users are also facilitated to create the system snapshot incase of any crashing appears for the PC. Spyware Blaster doesn’t support Opera. It is published by java cool software on august 31, 2010. This security software can be loaded only in the systems which are loaded with Windows operating system.

SpywareBlaster is a free ware and it can be downloaded from through internet freely. This can be recommended for the users as it enables the security for the user’s PC.

Features of  Spyware Blaster:
1) Spyware Blaster stops the public network to access your computer.
2) Spyware Blaster search all the spywares, Trojans, malware in your computer and remove them.
3) Spyware Blaster also block the websites which contains the Trojans viruses.
4) Spyware Blaster have a feature to scan your computer automatically with you starts your computer.
5) Spyware Blaster have automatic updates facility.
6) Spyware Blaster is fully GUI (Graphical User Interface) control Panel.
7) Spyware Blaster is easy to use and easy to install.
8.) Spyware Blaster takes less space in hard disk and less memory allocation in CPU.
9) Spyware Blaster supports Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7.

System Requirements:
SpywareBlaster works on Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, Vista, 7.

 Download Spyware Blaster

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