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WinDjView is open source viewer for djvu files. In recent days the use of DJVU format is at wide ranges instead of PDF format. As the use of DJVU format is increased instead of PDF format because in this software you will find many options for the use of documents which are not available in PDFs.

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DjVu Software supports all types of windows like windows 98, 2000, XP, vista etc. It has a special feature to open every field in a single window without any problem or disturbances. You will get all documents in one side on the same window instead of using separate documents in other window. This software is available in English, Chinese, French, Greek and other languages.  If you are in a need to copy any document in your folder or any other position, you can perform it easily with the help of this software and even can edit the settings.

The usability of WinDjView is highly preferable because of its characteristics.

WinDjView Features:

  • Supports all popular Windows versions (7, Vista, 2003, XP, 2000, ME, 98, NT4)
  • Tabbed document interface. Alternatively it can open each document in its own window.
  • Continuous or single page layout, with an option to group facing pages
  • Interface languages: English, Russian (for older versions: also Ukrainian, Greek, Hungarian, French, Portuguese, Chinese Simplified, Tatarish). To install, download the corresponding language dll into the installation folder and restart the program.
  • User-created bookmarks and annotations
  • Text searching and copying*
  • Supports dictionaries that translate words under mouse pointer*
  • Thumbnails with adjustable size
  • Contents and hyperlinks
  • Advanced printing
  • Fullscreen mode
  • Magnifying glass and marquee zoom
  • Export pages (or a part of a page) to bmp, png, gif, tif and jpg
  • Rotate pages by 90 degrees
  • Zoom to page, page width, 100% or custom zoom
  • Brightness, contrast and gamma adjustment
  • Display modes: Color, Black & White, Foreground, Background
  • Keyboard shortcuts for scrolling and navigation
  • If requested, associates with DjVu files in Explorer.


Convert DjVu to PDF using a separate DjVu Viewer

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