Computer is just like a calculator. Computer is an electronic device and it is manufactured with the help of electronic components such as resistors, capacitors and integrated chips and etc.

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Computer is also called a high speed calculating machine which takes the data, which process the data and which gives information to outside world. Main parts of a computer- input unit, central processing unit and output unit. It receives the users given data from input and shows the information through throughout like monitor in between the process will run in C.P.U. computer stores data in its internal and external memory. When user want to read the data it shows via output.

Characteristics of Computer:


Computer can do thousands of calculations in a fraction of second. The speed of the computer can be expressed in.

Mille second – 1/1000 sec.

Micro second – 1/1000000 sec.

nano second – 1/1000000000 sec.


Computer is always accurate. When user give wrong input it also shows that wrong data only. It doesn’t think as human beings.

Storage capacity:

Computer can share large amount of information in its external and internal memory.

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Versatility: computers are being used in various applications so it has flexibility.

User protection: computers can provide security to user’s information. By giving personal codes user can prevent theft possibilities.

Diligence: even computers work throughout the day they don’t get or feel boredom and uneasy. It all depends on user only.

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