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Fast Stone Capture is one of the best screen capture tool in the present generation. It is very powerful and fully featured tool with light weight. It helps the user to capture and edit anything on the screen including windows, menus, objects and many more.

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There are many output facilities for this tool like printer, email, clipboard, word, PowerPoint and the user can even upload the files to the internet it provides many editing tools like resizing, cropping, sharpening, watermaking, edge effects and many more. The user is also facilitated with a Screen Recorder which helps the user to record the screen activities and sound. Fast Stone Capture also helps the user to store the recorded files into a highly compressed video files.

Fast Stone also includes many features like: it consists of global hot keys, helps to automatically generate the file name, facilitates screen magnifier and ruler for better effects and also supports many external editors.

Fast Stone Capture Features:
•    A small Handy Capture Panel That Provides Quick Access To Its Capture Tools And Output Options
•    Global Hotkeys To Activate Screen Capturing Instantly
•    Capture Windows, Objects, Menus, Full Screen, Rectangular/freehand Regions and Scrolling Windows/web Pages
•    Capture Multiple Windows And Objects Including Multi-Level Menus
•    Options To Specify Output Destination (Internal Editor, Clipboard, File, Printer …)
•    Draw Annotation Objects Such As Texts, Arrowed Lines, Highlights, Watermarks, Rectangles And Circles
•    Apply Effects Such As Drop-Shadow, Frame, Torn-Edge And Fade-Edge
•    Add Image Caption
•    Resize, Crop, Rotate, Sharpen, Brighten, Adjust Colors …
•    Undo/Redo
•    Support External Editors
•    Save In BMP, GIF, JPEG, PCX, PNG, TGA, TIFF And PDF Formats
•    Convert Images To Multi-Page PDF File
•    Send Captured Images By E-mail
•    Send Captured Images To Word And PowerPoint Documents
•    Send captured Images To A Web (FTP) Server
•    Record Screen Activities And Sound Into Video Files
•    Screen Color Picker
•    Screen Magnifier
•    Screen Ruler
•    Support Multiple Monitors
•    Run When Windows Starts (Optional)
•    Minimize To System Tray Area
•    Small Footprint In Memory
•    And Many More …

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