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Firefox WebPages it is Firebug now leading web development tool in the world today which allows editing of web pages. Firebug is also a JavaScript console for logging errors and watching values of different websites such as HTML, CSS and DOM.

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Firebug has two major implementations like add-on Mozilla Firefox an in-page and firebug lit. Finally firebug is a make use of tool for web security testing and for web site analysis.

Firebug Features Three invisible features:

  1. Avoid scroll on single step. Makes the UI less bouncy
  2. Stay on debugger. Internal control to reduce exotic Firebug bugs and improve performance
  3. Avoid MD5 on eval(). If you don’t set breakpoints in eval() code, you don’t pay to hash the buffers.

Download Firebug Tool

How to Use Firebugto Learn/Edit CSS Code

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