The Process of Plugin Container.exe and How to Stop this Process?

To make users browsing happily without any disturbance, Firefox web browser version 3.6.4 provides plugin-container.exe process which can inform you whether your program is safe or not while you are running the web browser.

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The process hook up container.exe appears and disappears periodically depending on the websites visit. Firefox 3.6.4 provides uninterrupted browsing for Windows and Linux users even when there is a wreck in the Adobe Flash, Apple QuickTime or Microsoft Silver light plug-in. The crash protection in Firefox is provided by loading some plug-in separately in a new process called plug-in-container. So, that’s your plugin-container.exe.

How does Firefox clang works? This is the question runs in our mind. Let me tell you the process: With crash protection on, if a plug-in crashes or freezes, the main firefox.exe process will stay running but the portion of the web page operated by that particular plug-in. It will be disabled. It means, a plug-in crash will not affect the rest of Firefox and you will enjoy uninterrupted browsing. Later, you can restart the plug-in content simply by simply refreshing the web page.

Plugin-container.exe is entirely not a malware. It has been added to Firefox web browser to make your browsing easily. You can safely run it on your computer. Right now plugin-container.exe supports the following plug-in: Adobe Flash, Apple QuickTime and Microsoft Silver light.

The process remains very active once it has been started. It is for instance activated when the Firefox user starts to view a Flash or QuickTime video and closed when Firefox is closed or it’s manually killed.

How to Stop Firefox plugin container.exe Process:

How to Stop , Firefox plugin-container.exe, stop to plugin-container.exe

Open Firefox web browser.
Type about:config in a residence club as good as press Enter key.
A notice will appear. Ignore it as good as press a “I’ll be careful, you promise!” button.
In a Filter margin sort dom.ipc. Six preferences will crop up for a filter dom.ipc.
Ignore initial as good as final preferences (dom.ipc.plugins.enabled as good as dom.ipc.plugins.timeoutSecs). Toggle (double-click) any of a 4 superfluous preferences to shift a worth from “true” to “false“.
That’s it. For help, take a demeanour during a screenshot.

How to disable Plugin container.exe in Firefox


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