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TouchFree is a windows application that enable SSH and SFTP, and installs, Trip 1 Pogo stick and an alpha version of SummerBoard.

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In market there are many iPods with touch screen but recently TouchFree iPods are introduced. You have to simply shake to record, stop and for sending also. Your message is sent to the email which you select in the initial setup. Note minder is Bluetooth compatible with multiple audio controlling options. Add text to a reminder or change the default text input optionally. To install this TouchFree application you have jailbreak your iphone or iPod.

You need to have NET Framework 3.0, iPod 1.1.1 firmware installed, a copy of iTunes installed on your computer that is able to synchronize with your iPod and you need a Wi-Fi connection on your iPod to do the initial TIFF hack but there is no need of internet connection for the rest of the jailbreak.

iPhone Touch Free Featues:
– Touch Free makes is easy to upload and download files between the PC and iPhone / iPod touch using Wi-Fi network.
– You can view the documents files on the iPhone and iPod touch,
– Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, TXT, image, audio and compatible video files are supported.
– Client application for file handling support Windows only.
– Client Application ‘Touch Finder.exe’ is a free download from Our Website.
– future update version will support files in the subscrition based web storage service.

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One Response to TouchFree iPhone App

  1. Mark Orser says:

    You can either jailbreak your Ipod or use Aunsoft Video Convert to convert SWF to H.264 MP4.I recommend you choose using a converter.