UltraVNC – Free Remote PC Access Software

UltraVNC is a Microsoft Application which helps in controlling the screen of other computer with the help of VNC protocol. This application is developed by Ultra VNC team and released on November 26; 2010.

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This application is developed in C, C++ and Java platforms. This application needs X86 and X64 platforms and this application runs safely on Microsoft windows operating system and for web browser plug-in of Linux and Mac OS X.This application is similar to RealVNC .This application in addition to remote control capabilities it persists various features like encryption plug-in to save the client connection or server connection. UltraVNC also enables the users with file transfer capabilities also. It also helps the users to enable chat functionality and many different authentication methods. This software is free to download and it is distributed under the terms and conditions of General Public License.

The latest version of this application is 1.0.95. This application is very fun to use.

UltraVNC Key Features:

File transfer , Video driver , optional Encryption Plugins , MS Logon , Text chat , Viewer Toolbar , Java Viewer with File Transfer , as well as Auto scaling and Server Side Scaling, Multiple-Monitors-support,Repeater/Proxy-support, Auto reconnection, good performances and tons of other functionalities,

  • flexible connection quality options;
  • chat;
  • file transfer;
  • block of remote controls and screen;
  • repeater and NAT hole punching addons;
  • command line parameters and silent install instructions;
  • password or domain authorization;
  • creation of setting-less Single Click packages;
  • more (and even more) stuff.

Minimum System Requirements:

* Operative System: XP / 2000 / ME / 9x / Vista / 2003

* Pentium II 233 Mhz / Win 98 / 64 MB


Automate Installation:

If you need to install UltraVNC on a large number of computers, you might consider automating the installation.

The following command line parameters can be passed to the setup:

Sets installation directory to Dirname.
/no restart
Suppresses a reboot at the end of the installation.
Not required since the installation no longer requires are boot.
/silent or /very silent
Suppresses either pop-up of dialog boxes or any GUI at all.
Loads the configuration file Filenamefor the installation.
This configuration file can be generated by going through setup with UltraVNC-xxxx-Setup.exe /saveinf=”Filename”.
Filename should be fully qualified.
Writes a log file to the Temp directory.
Could be used for debugging.

Download UltraVNC

How to – Install, setup and test UltraVNC

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  1. Patrick says:

    I know that VNC products are problematic in work with Windows 7 and Windows Vista aren’t they?