Weather Undrgrnd iPhone App

Weather undrgrnd is latest iphone application for weather forecast in current market. It is application tool software which can run easily in your mobile.

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iPhone Weather Underground is one of the best new products in the list of iphone optimized portals for weather alternative. Weather underground is a latest application for iphone which includes a tropical storm tracker so that you can track Hurricane Gustav on your iphone. It enables the iphone users to access a wide range weather forecast including satellite maps, wind maps and historical maps. You can also access the text advisories by state and city. You can view the maps in full screen by flipping to landscape mode. Initially you have to type your city name or zip code and select the place to view the weather forecast. On the result page you see the full weather report including current weather, radars, forecast and warnings.

The forecasts in weather undrgrnd application are written in narrative format. It is easy to download and to use.

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