AutoHotkey – a scripting language for desktop automation

AutoHotkey is nothing but free, open source macro and automation software for automates repetitive works. Yes allows users to do repetitive tasks. Any application user can modify by using auto hotkey. Auto hotkey scripts can be used for user’s programs.

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Auto Hotkey scripts can also assign, retrieve, and manipulate variables, run loops and manipulate windows, files, and folders.

AutoHotkey_: Features:

Control Flow
Break Loop Label    Break out of a loop or any number of nested loops.
Continue Loop Label    Continue a loop, even from within any number of nested loops.
For x,y in z    Loop through the contents of an object.
Loop Until    Loop until a condition is true. Applicable to any type of Loop.

FileEncoding    Sets the default encoding for FileRead, FileReadLine, Loop Read, FileAppend, and FileOpen.
See also: Text Encodings
Menu, Icon    Sets or removes a menu item’s icon.
SendInput {U+nnnn}    Sends a Unicode character. Unicode characters may be used directly in Unicode builds.
SetFormat, IntegerFast, h|H    Set lower-case or upper-case hexadecimal format.
Transform, HTML    Perform code page or HTML transformations.

#If expression    Similar to #IfWinActive, but for arbitrary expressions.
#IfTimeout    Sets the maximum time that may be spent evaluating a single #If expression.
#MenuMaskKey    Changes which key is used to mask Win or Alt keyup events.
#Include <Lib>    Includes a script file from a function library folder.
#Warn    Enables or disables warnings for selected conditions that may be indicative of developer errors.

ComObj… —
Retrieves a registered COM object.
Wraps/unwraps a COM object.
Wraps a value and type to pass as a parameter.
Retrieves a COM object’s type information.
ComObjArray    Creates a SAFEARRAY for use with COM.
ComObjConnect    Connects a COM object’s event sources to functions with a given prefix.
ComObjCreate    Creates a COM object.
ComObjError    Enables or disables notification of COM errors.
ComObjFlags    Retrieves or changes flags which control a COM wrapper object’s behaviour.
ComObjGet    Returns a reference to an object provided by a COM component.
ComObjQuery    Queries a COM object for an interface or service.
ComObjType    Retrieves type information from a COM object.
ComObjValue    Retrieves the value or pointer stored in a COM wrapper object.
FileOpen    Provides object-oriented file I/O.
IsObject    Determines if a value is an object.
StrPut / StrGet    Copies a string to or from a memory address, optional converting it between code pages.
Trim    Trims certain characters from the beginning and/or end of a string.
RegEx (?CNumber:Function)    Calls a function during evaluation of a regex pattern.
Variadic Functions    Functions may accept a variable number of parameters via an array.

General    Behaviour and usage of objects in general.
Object    Associative arrays which can be extended with other functionality.
Enumerator    Allows items in a collection to be enumerated.
File    Provides an interface to access a file. FileOpen returns an object of this type.
ComObject    See ComObj functions above.

A_IsUnicode    In Unicode builds, this variable contains 1 (true). In ANSI builds it is not defined, so is effectively false.
A_FileEncoding    Contains the default encoding for various commands; see FileEncoding.
A_OSVersion    Contains WIN_7 on Windows 7, else one of the values documented here.
A_PtrSize    Contains the size of a pointer, in bytes. This is either 4 (32-bit) or 8 (64-bit).

Ptr    Equivalent to Int in 32-bit builds and Int64 in 64-bit builds. Supported by DllCall, NumPut and NumGet.
AStr, WStr    Supported only by DllCall; see Script Compatibility.

Compatibility    How to deal with Unicode in DllCall, etc.
Script Files    Using Unicode in script files.
SendInput    Using Unicode with SendInput.

Debugging    Interactive debugging features (line by line execution etc.).
Icon Support    Resource identifiers and improved support for various icon sizes.
Gui Text Quality    Control text anti-aliasing on a Gui.
Other Changes    Changes affecting script compatibility.
Version History    History of AutoHotkey_L revisions.

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Other Features:

Change the volume, mute, and other settings of any soundcard.
Make any window transparent, always-on-top, or alter its shape.
Use a joystick or keyboard as a mouse.
Monitor your system. For example, close unwanted windows the moment they appear.
Retrieve and change the clipboard’s contents, including file names copied from an Explorer window.
Disable or override Windows’ own shortcut keys such as Win+E and Win+R.
Alleviate RSI with substitutes for Alt-Tab (using keys, mouse wheel, or buttons).
Customize the tray icon menu with your own icon, tooltip, menu items, and submenus.
Display dialog boxes, tooltips, balloon tips, and popup menus to interact with the user.
Perform scripted actions in response to system shutdown or logoff.
Detect how long the user has been idle. For example, run CPU intensive tasks only when the user is away.
Automate game actions by detecting images and pixel colors (this is intended for legitimate uses such as the alleviation of RSI).
Read, write, and parse text files more easily than in other languages.
Perform operation(s) upon a set of files that match a wildcard pattern.
Work with the registry and INI files.

Autohotkey Quick Overview

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