Bit Che – Fastest Efficient Torrent Search Tool

Bit Che is the great software to search every thing in one site only, In other words called peer to peer. When you want to download any songs or movies then you have use different sites but here not like that.

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You can download every thing as you like in mind. When you use this software to search then you will find result very fast because it a super fast searching tool. This Bit Che is translating into 35 languages like English, Dutch, Greek and many more. This language option is kept because user can understand in their language how to download and what option use to download. This software takes very less space to download in your pc. After complete download you can use instantly.

At the time of downloading no need any registration or charge for users to use. Try it and get good results about your work.

Bit Che special:
* Super fast torrent searching
* Uses ‘hyper-fetching’ to instantly preview torrent details
* Integrates with any torrent download client (uTorrent, etc)
* Advanced result filtering (duplicates, file size, -keywords)
* Tabbed Searching (Guevara Edition)
* Media Type Searching (Guevara Edition)
* Morning Coffee Extension (Guevara Edition)
* Translated into over 35 languages so far!

Bit Che Version Detailes:

added: Full support for Windows Vista and Windows 2003
added: All issues with DEP are fixed, all Bit Che components are now able to run on any Windows version (or Linux/MacOSX with Wine emulator)
added: Full Unicode support for language translation and auto detects system language
added: Check for updates now includes both new engine scripts and program updates
added: Search history is saved between sessions
added: Remembers Window size, position, Maximized or Normal, and if Script Bar is visible or hidden
added: Remembers column sizes for maximized or not maximized
added: Ability to specific a specific browser to launch URL pages (open settings.ini, under “options”, make a new line “browser_path=” and put the full path to whatever browser you want to use)
added: Command line flag “/portable” to force bit che to use the current directory as the app path
added: Many new scripts added
updated: Faster startup
updated: Reorganized menu options
updated: Improved tab bar
updated: New icons (much prettier when ALT-Tab, etc)
updated: Many overall code improvements/optimizations.
fixed: Should now have fewer false anti-virus reports
fixed: Problem handing cookies that prevented compatibility with some scripts
fixed: Tons of bugs!

Bit Che Tutorial

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