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The mostly commonly used office tools software is Evernote. It facilitates the users to work on computers, phones and mobile phone applications. It helps to create accounts for the sponsorships in different sectors and enhances the user in making the notes.

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Any one can capture the ideas and information related to Evernote software with ease and curiosity and save them on the windows. It facilitates in sending or accessing the files from one place and opening it even when the users are offline. By this software, it has the option of remembering the files of evernote. It supports many operating systems like Android, Mac Os x, windows and WebOS.

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Evernote Tutorial


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It will display the notes on mobile phones even though it has created on the desktops. There is also a web clipper evernote which provides toolbar and select text options to add the page of any web on evernote. Therefore, download and install it on PCs to get the latest updates of Web Applications on the desktops.

Evernote Peek: The First Smart Cover App for Your iPad 2


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