Group 2 call app for iPhone

Group 2 call is a productivity tool applicable for all iphones. This application enables the user for enhancing a group call in a single instance. The user is also enabled with scheduled calls in which the user need to pick up the time and date and adjust the settings.

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iPhone application will enable the group call automatically on the prescribed time for the prescribed members. The user needs to create a group directory for embedding his favorite contacts. The user can add any of contacts in the group and remove the contacts whenever the user doesn’t need them in the group. Group 2 call facilitates the user to talk to all the group members at a time. This application is very useful when the user need to convey the same message for all the group members and this also facilitates the user to interact with all the other group members simultaneously.

Some reasons you want to use “Group 2 call”:

  •   You are lazy in calling friends.
  •   You are bored and you want to talk to someone.
  •   You are shy of calling friends.
  •   You have a lot of friends and don’t know who to begin with.
  •   You want suspense in each and every call !!
  •   Just have fun.
  •   It’s Free
  •   Other reasons: check reviews!!

N.B: We would like to know how did U used “Group 2 call” for. Please leave a review!! Thanks.

Special Features:

  •   Easy Shake-to-Call feature.
  •   Randomly select your friends to call.
  •   You don’t know who you will be talking to.
  •   Advanced monitoring system.
  •   Ability to select from a group of people.

N.B: I was victim of “A Blind Call” myself several times during the development stage as I was busy and I didn’t want to talk

Quick Start-up:

  •   Tap on the screen
  •   Choose the group of people to call from or “All Contacts”.
  •   Shack your iPhone!!
  •   Surprise yourself


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