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Ijailbreak is the software application which helps to protect your Iphone from hackers. It is an automated jail breaker for your iphone and iPod touch licensed under the GNU.

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General public license v2 is written by 13 year old boy. For Mac OSX you have to install the application via installer.app and for windows pc you have to install the application via iBrickr. You can download this software application in your Iphone without any interruption. First you have to connect your Iphone with computer to download this application in your mobile. After downloading this application in your mobile then you will find one logo for Ijailbreak. Extract the file, then you can install this application in your Iphone.

You have to restart the iPod to access this application after installation. It takes just 10 minutes to install in Iphone. Once installation is complete then you can utilize this application for Iphone.

Ijailbreak app Download for iPhone

iJailBreak your iPhone or iTouch


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