Files2phone App for iPhone

Files2phone is great and speedy technology to send files to iphone. Files2phone delivers the best performing real time remote control of your desktop applications from your iphone.

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It facilitates on demand access for instantly viewing files and controlling applications and also files on your PC from your iphone or iPod touch. You can access your working files remotely and launch your application. You can select the cell as you do with your PCs mouse just by tapping with 2 fingers. If you want to send files to your iphone then you have to use USB option because without Bluetooth it is impossible to send files to iphone. You can send your files like word, excel, PDF and also even AutoCAD files. Files2phone allows you to directly connect your iphone to your desktop computer securely.

It gives you complete control on accessing your files and programs on your desktop. It is easy to download and easy to access this application.

Download Files2phone App

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