GameBoy Advance iPhone App

GameBoy Advance iPhone App is released by a group of hackers. GpSPhone is a gameboy software for iphone. Even though many versions released it is still lacking with some contents.

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When they say many games are playable still there are some contents missing with the sound output, GUI and for the advanced instructions, they are being worked on it further. It’s not too useful, but it got a lot of potential. You can get this via Use iphone mods and it hacks at your risk! Third party iphone application installing requires to jailbreak iphone. The iphone should jailbreak before installing the native applications and software. For Mac OSX and ibrickr for windows pc you can use to do this.

For the whole list of iphone and iPod touch native third party applications browse and get under the software category. This is highly recommendable for your iphone.

How to play Gameboy Advance games on iPod touch/iPhone

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