MyWaves App for iPhone

Mywaves application is a free mobile video portal which facilitates the user to watch the favorite web videos, podcasts, stand-up, music videos, anime and girls on iphone.

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Mywaves App is developed by mywaves Inc on April 01, 2010. It is free for download and the downloadable file is of 25KB in size. The user is facilitated to watch the videos from around the globe, from the favorite channels of the user which are accessed according to their premiums, can watch the personal and user generated content. The user can enjoy all the latest videos in the web. The user is also facilitated to include all the favorite channels into the profile and can share with any other through email.

My waves enhance the user to upload the photos into face book and other social networking sites.  The user can send or share the videos to friends, family members or any one.

Dowload iPhone My waves

“Waves” on iPhone


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