Penguin Panic Game for iPhone App

Penguin panic native is a native third party application based on the game Avalanche. It has come out with all the exotic and outstanding attributes.  Penguin panic will warm the hearts of causal players across the globe.

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It had gained a huge response from all sections of the community. Penguin panic native has been associated with all the sizzling and magnifying features such as, supporting of full screen for both 480×320 and 320×480 modes in all compatible devices, enhancing of sound effects and sound tracks, choosing of three difficulty levels, ways of playing: that is classic, relax, story and panic, submitting of high scores and finding out instantly that where we are in the internet score board, etc.

It has been designed and developed in an astonishing way, where it grabs the attention of all the users.  Now it has been used all across the globe because of its remarkable construction and functions.

 Download Penguin Panic iPhone App

 iPhone Application – Penguin Panic

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