Remote Buddy overs Mac control via iPhone

Remote Buddy is an application which turns your iPhone into a remote control. It can be used for easy accessing of media centers and presentations; this application is developed by IOSPIRIT Gmbh Company.

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Remote Buddy on iPhone acts as a virtual remote and is capable of controlling 70 applications and parameters. Remote Buddy Ajax Remote is a web application and these web applications run on the system if the system is loaded with Remote Buddy software. For accessing this application you need to enable the Ajax remote in your preferences and open the URL that is provided to you. You can also set a password for this. This facilitates the latest features and helps you to browse music library, Genre, Podcast, Movies, TV shows etc.

It breaks the long lists and arranges them in a step by step manner and this application can be used as presenter track pad, a keyboard and as an iTunes browser and many more.

Remote Requirements:

Mac® Requirements Remote Buddy, running on the Mac® you want to control and responsible for serving the AJAX Remote to the client, requires:

* Mac OS® X 10.4.6 or later (Remote Buddy is available for Mac OS® X only. Other operating systems like Windows® or Linux are not supported).
* An Internet connection (required only during the online verification of a purchased license code).

Client Requirements The following clients are currently supported (one of them is required):

* iPhone™ with OS 3.0 or later.
* iPod® Touch with OS 3.0 or later.
* Safari® 4 or Safari® 5 (running on a computer other than the Mac® you want to control).

Network Requirements A local Wi-Fi® network is required for the communication between the Mac® and the client. The network needs to meet these requirements:

* Client and Mac® must have a stable, reliable connection to the same network.
* The network needs to meet the network requirements as found on the hardware page.

Download Remote Buddy

Remote Buddy on iPhone/iPod Touch

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