Ad-Aware Free Internet Security an efficient Tool to tackle Malware

Ad-Aware Free Internet Security is one of the first applications ever built to tackle the problem of malware and spyware. Find more details about the free software here.

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The publisher, Lavasoft, has very well understood the contemporary needs of internet security and has included antivirus protections licensed from Sunbelt inc. to the software. The publisher boasts of the new ‘Dedicated Detection’ that has been achieved by the results of using heuristics-based technology of the new genotype protection engine. Moreover it claims that the software is capable of analyzing code and creating loose pattern that enables it to detect malware of similar patterns. The company also claims that thousand of malware threats can be detected by a single dedicated detection signature.

The brand new proactive engine, MagmaShield, is cable of emulating processor instructions and comparing approved processor-level operations. It studies the behavioral patterns like how a file interacts with CPU and detects threats at a very fast rate.

Ad-Aware Free Internet Security 2012 has a fairly simple installation procedure. Ad-Aware has no toolbars and won’t try to hijack your default browser’s search engine, which is very annoying to the user. You need not reboot your system while installing the software.

Ad-Aware Free Internet Security interface has three icons in its main window that help you in updating the virus definition files and engines, scanning the system, or checking the status on real-time protection engine, Ad-Watch Live. Beneath the main icons you can find a button to update scan schedule and access support. You can switch over to either simple mode or advanced mode using the toggle tab that is present in the left side of the interface. Although the interface is simple, newbie user will have to get used to the options in the advanced mode.

You also have buttons such as extras, settings on top right corner of the interface. The Ad-Watch Live window is an amazing feature and is capable of showing real-time protection of your system. However, you need to upgrade to paid version to use some of the important features such as File, Network, and Registry protection, which is available for free from its competitors.

As far as the limitations of the software is concerned there are quite a few notable ones. There software lacks a progress indicator to view how for the scanning operation has been completed. It also cannot be paused as and when required because it has no such option. Ad-Aware Free Internet Security is not capable of scanning networked drives.  When compared with its competitors Ad-Aware Free Internet Security 2012 has quite an amount of restriction in the real-time shields. Other key features, such as advanced rootkit removal, silent mode for gaming, and web protection are not present in the free software.

When it comes to performance of the software, Ad-Aware Free Internet Security’s quick scan checks only the important areas of the system within minutes. However, complete scan is quite slow, when compared with its competitors. The software is light on the system and ensures quick start up and shut down. In short, Ad-Aware Free Internet Security in spite of its drawbacks can still be a reliable tool to speed up the systems performance and prevent threats from malware.

Ad-Aware Free Internet Security Key Features:

  • Full powered anti-virus + anti-spyware with no strings attached.
  • New!Comprehensive Malware Protection
  • Ad-Watch Live! Basic Real-time Protection
  • Genocode Detection Technology
  • Behavior-Based Heuristics Detection
  • Rootkit Removal System
  • The Neutralizer Malware Removal Tool
  • The Scheduler
  • Easy to Install & Use
  • Automatic Updates.


Ad-Aware Free Internet Security


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