ClassroomSpy – Monitor live Screens of Remote Computers

If you are on the lookout for efficient software to take complete control of your students’ systems. Classroom Spy Professional is the right choice for you. Check out how the tool can be useful in enhancing your teaching skills and control over students.

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It is not unusual of teachers to complain that they are unable to find an efficient method to train students on computer lessons, especially when the students are naïve. It is true that difficulties arise while teaching or training a number of students on how to use a computer or how to utilize a PC or internet application. There also instance where student get diverted and get on to some interesting activities such as playing games or checking emails and the like. How would monitor if all of your students are keen in learning or doing the processes in a correct manner. Although it is possible to check individual systems while they are within the four walls, there is no way of monitoring them remotely until the recent past.

With the debut of Classroom Spy Professional, it has become as easy as pie to monitor all of the activities of your students in the classroom. Presenting demos to students has never been easier before. However, Classroom Spy Professional enables you to share your screen with your students providing the best means to impart knowledge even to the dullest ones. This remarkable monitoring tool comes from the innovative If you are wondering what make the application great, here are the important features that could help you come out with successful solutions in teaching.

Some of the purposes of the wonder tool include

  • Monitoring and recording student-activities on a remote computer.
  • Preventing unwanted activities of students such as gamming or browsing.
  • Starting and halting applications remotely.
  • Achieving better discipline and also to help them during times of trouble.
  • Sharing important presentations with students
  • Turning off or restarting computers remotely.

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When it comes to benefits of Classroom Spy Professional, the list is quite commendable. Not only is it easy to install but also empowers you to perform all of the tasks with just a few clicks of your mouse button. By providing live images of the remote screens, Classroom Spy Professional enables you to have complete control over your students. Apart from sharing your screen to students you can also perform activities in the remote computer by taking control of its mouse or keyboard from your system. The thumbnail views of remote screens help you in monitoring all of your students at a glance. The software that empowers you to control all of the activities of your students in the computer is truly amazing and is an absolute necessity for the modern teaching practices.

If you are impressed by the innovatively designed software, you would certainly love to try your hand on it. Classroom Spy Professional comes to you as a free to try product from the publisher. The latest version 3.8.1, which is as small as 11 MB is compatible with various version of the windows operating system such as Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. The minimum configuration required for the application is a processor of at least 300 MHz, and 256Mb RAM.

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