Dell Lightning Windows Phone 7 Mobile

Dell lightning is the contemporary cell phone made for the users.  It has been designed by the dell technology. It is a portrait slider with a full QWERTY key board.  Dell lightning is associated with 3d features, AMOLED capacitive and much more varieties.

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Dell lightning features are rather interesting and good-aesthetically. Dell lightning, a Microsoft phone 7 series powered device has a 1GHZ snapdragon processor , is the most exciting of four new dell products which has been recently launched. It is running the latest windows. This device is a large 4.1 inch touch screen mobile with slider key pad. Its interesting features are full flash support including video play black, GPS, accelerometer, 8GB of storage, FM radio, megapixel autofocus camera, compass and much more.

Dell lightning has been associated with high speed internet access, high resolution display in a compact size with multi touch display. This electronic tool has now been used by the various users, as it has advanced strides.

Dell Lightning, Thunder Overview


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