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LISTEN Music Player Download for Linux Overview:

LISTEN is an audio player developed by python.  It provides a direct access to lyrics and lastfm. It intuitively creates a playlists for the user by retrieving information’s from lastfm and what we frequently listen to.

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Where it has been accomplished with various sizzling features such as, Podcasts management, browse shout cast directory etc. Listen has been further classified into various versions. Where its new versions provides a list of specific characters like, big code clean up, playlists order is maintained, preference for a new window layout, writing of a new API to display HTML, fixing of some encoding problems when downloading podcasts, fixing of amazons and Google cover search, adding of yooook plug-in for listening, using of any jpg and pog file in song directory as a cover, updating of all lyrics.

This audio player has gained a huge response with in less span of time.

Listen Features:

A new version of listen is out. Have a look at the changelog:

* Playlists order are keeped
* Fixed some encoding problem when downloading podcast
* Write a new API to display html
* New preference window layout
* Ensured dialog window are open on the top of main window when it was in fullscreen
* Big code cleanup with pylint
* Updated gajim api
* Suppression current playing song from gajim or pidgin status when exiting
* Fixed flickering in top left screen, when pressing cover button
* Decreased listen load time a lot
* Resolved stream end and stop to this track conflic problem
* Add viewport for webkit.

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