Performance of Glary Utilities in system maintenance

Glary Utilities is a system maintenance software that comes very handy in cleaning and maintaining your systems. It can not only improve the performance of your system but also provide you with utmost privacy when it comes to confidential data.

System maintenance is a vital process that keeps your systems clean and prevents it from slowing down due to various reasons. There are several utilities that come handy in keeping the system clean and enhance its performance. However, finding a software that comprises all of these utilities is rare. This is where Glary Utilities 2012 stand out of the crowd. The better part is that Glary Utilities is available free of cost to the users.
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Some of the highly useful system maintenance utilities Glary Utilities include registry cleaner, shortcut fixer, validity checker, and the like. The free software eliminates all of the junk and helps you in speeding up your system. As soon as launched the window shows the status of the version, updates and also an option to upgrade to the paid version.

The 1-click maintenance of Glary Utilities can perform six of the most important cleaning tasks such as registry cleaning, fixing shortcuts, managing startup, cleaning temporary files, erasing tracks and removing spyware. Although you can’t configure the tools from the panel, it show you the data and offers options to either select or deselect them before elimination.

It is the Modules window that contains all of the tools required for computer maintenance. Apart from the options available in 1-Click Maintenance, the application has a many other utilities, every one of them can be configured separately.

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Glary Utilities 2012 has five modules in total with tools for ‘clean up and repair’. The clean up section tools help in cleaning registry and fixing shortcuts to free space for the better performance of the system. The ‘optimize and improve’ section has a startup manager, memory optimizer, and a Context Menu Manager. These tools help in including or deleting files, optimizing memory of the system, and to choose the options in Windows Explorer shell without having to restart your system.

Other handy tools in Glary Utilities, such as track eraser, file shredder, Internet Explorer assistant and a file encrypting/decrypting tool. However, unlike the options in 1-click maintenance window, here you can configure the tool the way you want. It also houses a cookie manager which provides users with the choice of storing cookies and urls.  Track eraser on the other hand helps you to clear history in areas ranging from recent documents to internet browsers. File shredder is yet another useful feature that deletes vital data that need to be closed with confidentiality without the possibility of recovery.

The File Encrypter and Decrypter on the other hand make it easy to maintain data privacy, in case; you need to limit the access to it for other users. A few other amazing utilities in free Glary Utilities include instruments for finding duplicate files, identifying empty folders, analyzing the disk space, and splitting and joining files. The process manager that provides complete details of processes currently running on the system is useful in monitoring your system. In short, all of the applications available in the suite are highly useful and extremely easy to use.



-1-Click Maintenance
-Windows Standard Tools
-simple to use
-good looking interface
-extremely well organized
-excellent selection of modules



-not to many skins available
-by running Registry Defrag you can’t do anything else on your computer.



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