Apple MacBook Pro Winter 2011

The ever changing world of laptops has seen a record number of innovations in a quite speedy manner. Apple being hailed for its innovations in technology once again proves to be the leader in the market with the release of its amazing Apple MacBook Pro Winter 2011. Some of the new additions and latest technologies are being briefly viewed here for your enlightenment on the product.

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One of the long awaited Apple’s products the new generation of MacBook Pro laptops has finally arrived. Although they look similar to old ones on the outlook, their under the hood innovations are simply beyond your imaginations. The new generation Apple MacBook Pro Winter 2011 has shunned the Intel’s original Core i-series CPUs and has a moved on to the most modern second-generation chips, which was formerly named Sandy Bridge. Apple MacBook Pro Winter 2011 houses high-end quad-core Core i7 chips and MacBook Pro’s graphics processor AMD Radeon HD 6490M ousting the popular Nvidia.

While the outer body of Apple MacBook Pro Winter 2011 remains the same along with its large glass multi-touch track pad, There is a new mini display port connection that is for the Thunderbolt the latest high-speed powered-port technology for data transfer and displays from Intel. However it might take some time for the Thunderbolt-compatible peripherals to reach the common man but it certainly is the best bet in the technology of the future.

The 720p webcam of Apple MacBook Pro Winter 2011 too works with the latest Mac version of FaceTime a similar application found on the iPhone 4. Apart from a solid Wi-Fi signal, full screen mode also has clarity and is almost free of stutters. The SD card slot of Apple MacBook Pro Winter 2011 now comes with SDXC compatibility enabling you to use high capacity SD cards.

As ever Mac gaming is yet to be exploited. However; the good news is that some of the most anticipated games like Dragon Age II, will be Mac-compatible. Civilization V is one other high-end game that is capable of running on OS X. When it comes to battery life of Apple MacBook Pro Winter 2011, the manufactures claims are genuine. While the system runs for seven hours, it certainly is higher than that of its predecessors’.

While admirable revisions and additions including a GPU and long lasting power are considered to a plus for the Apple MacBook Pro Winter 2011, experts also point out a few drawbacks to the product. Some of them include expenses involved in upgradation, and non availability of compatible accessories for the much hyped Thunderbolt technology.

As usual the service and support from Apple comes with a mixed pouch. While parts and labor warranty is valid for a year, telephonic support can be availed only up to 90 days. Support is also available in the form of huge online knowledge base, video tutorials, e-mail customer care and through Apple’s retail stores.

Apple MacBook Pro Winter 2011 (2.2GHz Core i7)


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