Norman Virus Control Free 3 Years License

Norman ASA is a world’s premier security control software company. Norman Sandbox technology is a key factor in all of free Norman’s anti-malware provides protection control to user pc from viruses without charging money,

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it can be downloadable and it is used in commercial purpose, government, finance, higher education and other organizational environments over the world. Norman Virus Control is advanced security software that provides protection for both known and unknown viruses to prevent the virus from spreading and causing harm to the system. This anti-virus software comes with Norman Virus Control sports workstation and the server-specific functions. Having its forward looking Normans sandbox proactive anti-virus technology was acknowledged with the most innovative idea in the past 10 year’s award at the VB2010 conference.

It fearlessly fights against all computer malwares and other known and unknown viruses Norman comes with automated Internet modernize function that able to automatic update the software to assure Norman Virus Control definition files are always drawback regarding this is, the Norman Virus Control security software right now not support for Windows 7 operating system.

Features of the Norman Virus Control:

Email scanning for malicious programs

Real-time scanning of files

Norman SandBox technology to include detection of unknown viruses, Trojans and worms

Automatic Internet update

Norman Virus Control normally cost $39.95 to purchase. As part of promotional offer, now everybody can grab the free Norman Virus Control 3 year license serial code by following the guide below.

To grab the free Norman Virus Control, just head to the following URL:

Enter the name, valid email address, OEM code FSC536, and other information in the box, and then click “Submit” button.

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Note: The OEM code is required for registered.

Check the inbox that will receive an email from “Norman Web” with free 36 months license serial code.

Download the Norman Virus Control by using direct download link: NormanVirusControl_599SU_ENG_R20.msi

Install the Norman Virus Control and enter the license code that received to enjoy free full version 36 months Norman Virus Control.

Norman Virus Control supports Windows NT, Windows 95/98/Me, Windows XP, and Windows Vista.

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Norman Antivirus & Antispyware

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