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Download Gladinet Cloud Desktop Starter Edition Review:

Gladinet Cloud Desktop is a cloud file manager that supports over 20 cloud services. Gladinet Cloud desktop comes to you in two versions namely starter and pro. While the pro version of the software is power packed with features of your heart’s desire, Starter edition lacks a few of them. Some of the features in the Pro version include ability to connect to multiple cloud services, AES file encryption, folder backup, and the like.

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The file transfer is limited to 1000 files in the starter edition and unlimited for the Pro version. When it comes to the common features among starter edition and Pro edition, the ability to map cloud storage as a network drive and access virtual directory as a local disk, Task manager actions such as pause resume or reschedule, and Explorer integration for drag and drop files are the noteworthy ones.

Even in the security are the start edition lacks the complete protection as in the pro version. Starter edition users can’t encrypt files during the transfer, which isn’t safe practice. As far as support is concerned Gladinet offers the same package as offered by other could service providers. While the forum is moderately active, they also provide email support. In a nutshell, Gladinet cloud desktop is up to the claims made by the publisher.

Here are some key features of “Gladinet Cloud Desktop“:

  • Easy Access To Files
  • Remote Access To Multiple PCs
  • Use Web Applications Locally
  • On Demand Sharing With Friends
  • Access From Web Browser.

Gladinet Cloud Desktop Version 3.0 Brief Overview

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